ALLEGANCE M Sex Stimulant & Libido Enhancer Cream for Male

Allegance® M Cream contains a very special ensemble of Herbs that is provided to be extremely beneficial in:
>> Achieving good penile rigidity
>> Ejaculating Powerfully
>> Preventing premature ejaculatio
>> Increasing Sex drive
>> Having another erection soon after orgasm.

Product Description

Allegance® M Cream for Men stimulates blood flow to the Genital region. The massaging action of Allegance M Cream for Men increases the impulses to the glans penis for initiating sexual act. The highly organized sensory end organ system in the penis then transmits signals to the brain & erection occurs.

Allegance® M Cream for Men is suitable for men who fail to get an erection from time to time, despite feeling sexually aroused and also for those who have problems with maintaining an erection. There could be a number of reasons for this including psychological & physical factors or a combination of both. Nervousness & anxiety are common causes of erection difficulties. The thought of intercourse with a new partner, & perhaps about your performance, may cause temporary inability to have an erection, which is quite normal. This may also occur if you are not in the mood for intercourse perhaps because you are tired or under stress. As you find easier to relax with your partner during sexual act you will probably find that your ability to have an erection gradually returns. To reach orgasm, it is helpful to be relaxed & confident. Nevertheless, if your erection difficulty starts to occur more frequently, discuss the problem with your doctor. Certain drugs, particularly antidepressants & anti – anxiety drugs may delay ejaculation or inhibit it altogether. Allegance® M Cream is for men who have poor penile rigidity due to over indulgence in sex or old age. With Allegance M Cream for Men there is no reason why a man should not continue to have an active & happy sex life well into old age.

Allegance® M Cream for Men is recommended for use before sexual act as it is known to expedite orgasm in the female partner

Application of Allegance® M Cream for Men:

Apply 0.5 to 1 gm of cream to the penis shaft & massage slowly till fully absorbed. Do not wash or wipe off the cream for atleast one hour. For sustained satisfaction use twice every day. (Follow a minimum 30 days course)


Allegance M Cream is not having any allergy. But for Men having sensitive skin, it is always recommended to test on small area and then continue using cream.

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